Decorative and absolutely flexible: create additional space for your guests sheltered from the wind. The functionally perfect Vario windbreak walls are suitable for terraces of any shape and an elegant solution against stormy weather as well as being visible advertising media.

Because we use high-quality materials, the Vario windbreak wall is absolutely weatherproof and maintenance-free. Whether as a room divider, advertising medium, smoking lounge or as a simple windbreak, the unique 360° pivot posts make it possible!

  • Weatherproof and maintenance-free
  • Flexible modular system
  • Long-lasting and robust
  • Absolutely windproof
  • Easy handling
  • Accessories and much more
Smoking Lounge Vario Windbreak | K-Design


The windbreak system made of aluminium (natural anodised E6/EV1) and single-pane safety glass provides an unobstructed view to the surroundings and, at the same time, shelter from wind and noise. The glass panels are made of 5mm thick toughened glass, so they're ready for strong winds and cool temperatures. The pivot posts are constructed in such a way that any setup angle is possible without needing further accessories.

Upon request, we supply wall connection profiles, bases, multi-purpose benches or sleeves for setting in concrete to make assembly safe and easy. Privacy films or logos can be applied any time.

Windbreak Vario Components | K-Design
Height, standard (including round arch): 1,56 m *
Dimensions Vario Round 156 - 125| K-Design
1,25 m
25,00 kg
Dimensions Vario Round 156 - 100| K-Design
1,00 m
20,50 kg
Dimensions Vario Round 156 - 75| K-Design
0,75 m
16,00 kg
Height, (including round arch): 1,80 m
Dimensions Vario Round 180 - 125| K-Design
1,25 m
28,50 kg
Dimensions Vario Round 180 - 100| K-Design
1,00 m
23,50 kg
Dimensions Vario Round 180 - 75| K-Design
0,75 m
18,50 kg
Height (square): 1,56 m *
Dimensions Vario Square 156 - 125| K-Design
1,25 m
26,00 kg
Dimensions Vario Square 156 - 100| K-Design
1,00 m
21,50 kg
Dimensions Vario Square 156 - 75| K-Design
0,75 m
17,00 kg
Height (square): 1,80 m *
Dimensions Vario Square 180 - 125| K-Design
1,25 m
29,50 kg
Dimensions Vario Square 180 - 100| K-Design
1,00 m
24,50 kg
Dimensions Vario Square 180 - 75| K-Design
0,75 m
19,50 kg
These are approximate details, for your guidance only and are not binding.

Windbreak Vario Installation | K-Design
  1. Side plugs to cover the bore holes
  2. Long/short tie rod to link the windbreak elements
  3. Cover plug for the windbreak posts
  4. Segmental arch
  5. Infrared parasol heater, including protective cover against spray water
  6. Stainless steel lamp “Sunny”, including locking bolt
  7. Vario profile for 180 degree rotation
  8. Groove to slide in a flower box or seat
  9. The distance from the ground is 2.9cm, so that the rain or cleaning water can drain off

Decoration and seat: the Vario Multi-bench is a multi-purpose bench, since it can be used as a seat or flower stand. Made of hot-dipped steel, it provides the Vario windbreak wall the necessary stability without having to penetrate the ground. Any unevenness of the ground can be levelled out any time with the adjustable bases. The distance between the box and wall is 10cm, so that the wall can be cleaned easily and quickly also underneath.

Winschutz Vario Beispiel 4 | K-Design

The canted steel plate arms of the Multi-bench grip into the left and right side of the windbreak wall groove and, by adjusting the bases, these plates can be aligned horizontally. That done, the Multi-bench is then weighted down with approx. 300kg of concrete slabs, potting soil, sand or pebbles. In order to use it alternatively as a seat (with all kinds of cushions), a bangkirai or similar has to be put on it first.

Multi-Bench Windbreak Vario Example 1 | K-Design
Multi-Bench Windbreak Vario Example 2 | K-Design
Multi-Bench Windbreak Vario Example 3 | K-Design

Sunny Lamp

230V lamp “Sunny” (40W) for the Vario windbreak wall; prepared for on-site linking for the special ambience.

No matter whether you want to light up a garden gnome or the entrance area stylishly, you’ll have made the right choice with the Sunny outdoor lamp. Perfectly crafted high-quality stainless steel and the customised outdoor lighting are an ideal combination of functionality and appearance. The Sunny lamp gives a warm and pleasant light full of atmosphere. Use the windbreak walls with their unique 360-degree posts as an entrance to your terrace for instance. Then, by integrating the Sunny lamp, you can convert the evening into a stylish ambience.

Windbreak Vario Sunny Lamp | K-Design

Infrared Electric Heater
  • IR heater, 1400 watt IP24, approx. 12m² 230 volts, aluminium casing, Philips bulbs with HeLeN technology with bar holders and IP54 Hirschmann plug.
  • IR heater, 2000 watt IP24, approx. 16m² 230 volts, aluminium casing, Philips bulbs with HeLeN technology with bar holders and IP54 Hirschmann plug.
Windbreak Vario Infrared Electric Heater | K-Design

This cosy and warm electric heater is available with 1400 or 2000 watt. The heaters are mounted onto the Vario windbreak with an attachment and can be used in any weather. Long gone are the times where electric and gas heaters took up space and their warmth just escaped with a puff of air. The heaters work similar to the sun, i.e. you don’t heat up the air but warm the human body directly and almost without delay with the radiating infrared light.

Depending on the tariff, a heater that features an output of 2.0kW only costs between 45 euro cents per hour and it’s simply plugged into the 230 volt mains. As an accessory, we offer a receiver with which you can control the electric heater from the inside.

Vario Deko

A wave motif as decoration or completely in a frosted glass look – we design your Vario windbreak wall exactly according to your wishes.

How would you like to design your terrace? Do you need a windbreak or privacy shield? With our Vario windbreak wall, you have all kinds of possibilities to give your terrace a new look. The design of your windbreaks are absolutely custom-made, e.g. in an elegant sandblast look or by applying a coloured film to them. You have the choice!

Windbreak Vario Decoration | K-Design

Windbreak Wall Attachment for LCD Screens

This “LCD” attachment is ideal to make your windbreak walls complete. Lure your guests onto your terrace also when there’s a good television or sports programme.

Just slide the attachment into the upper windbreak profile, hang in the television screen and your guests can now watch TV outdoors. Touché!

Windbreak Vario Screen Attachment | K-Design
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