Suitable and modifiable for every situation: the Prostor P6 can be equipped with up to four umbrellas that open and close separately. That way, it can be integrated in any new environment, using the space there is optimally. Single and double umbrellas (square) can also be stylishly fixed to a wall, thus freeing up space by not having to use a parasol base.

No matter how strong and robust these umbrellas are, you don’t have to be strong to operate them. The patented One Move System helps you to open or close the umbrellaeasily in one single movement. No need to move the table while closing or opening the umbrellas. The umbrella opens or closes above standard tables and chairs.

The newly designed gliding wagon provides more strength and makes the operation much more easier thanks to the ergonomic rotary knob (see A).

The umbrellas are ultra-light to handle, thanks to the stainless steel gas spring, which compensates the weight of the umbrella (see B).

The P6 umbrella consists of 1, 2, 3 or 4 umbrellas on one pole. Each umbrella can be operated separately. You choose where you want shade or sun! This makes the P6 umbrella an ideal hospitality partner.

Ozone layer depletion has caused a reduction in the filtering of ultraviolet rays. This, in turn, entails that prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun poses increased health risks. All P6 and P7 fabrics have the capacity to significantly reduce the penetration of UV rays and offer you and your children the perfect protection from the harmful effects of sunrays (100% of UV rays are filtered out). The 2 lighter colours (White sand and Natural white) filter 95% of the UV’s.

The Skin Cancer foundation recommends Dickson Acrylic as a part of your complete sun protection regime, including regular use of sunscreen.

This label certifies that the fabrics do not contain any toxic substances and do not present any health, skin or environmental hazards (Oeko-Tex 100).

  • 100% Olefin ‘COSLAN’: solution-dyed
  • Weight: 190 g/m2
  • Colourfastness: 7-8/8
  • Waterproof
  • UPF 40+: filters more than 97% of the UV rays
  • Maintenance: all fabrics can be washed and replaced.

Natural White
White Sand
Butter Cup
Bitter Orange
Terra Cotta
Paris Red
Lead Grey
Carbon Grey
Night Blue
Black Widow
Olive Green

LED lighting

When the sun goes down and dusk sets in, Power-LED lighting adds a new, intimately cozy dimension to your umbrella, allowing you to stay put and enjoy the day that little bit longer. The LEDs are installed at the center of the umbrella, with all wiring and steering hidden neatly in the frame and pole.

Großschirme Prostor P7 LED Beleuchtung | K-Design


Connecting several umbrellas is easy by using rain gutters with zippers.

Großschirme Prostor P7 Regenrinnen | K-Design

Ground anchor

Ground anchor to secure into concrete, made from stainless steel and aluminium.

Großschirme Prostor P7 Einbetonierfuss | K-Design
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