LED Lighting

For ParaLux, ParaFix, ParaQueen, PyraSol, PyraMax

Create an ambience! With our LED umbrella lighting, your parasol becomes a huge lampshade. The LED diodes create a pleasant cosiness with a warm shade of yellow that bugs don’t recognise as a food source, and so doesn’t attract them. The lighting functions either with a rechargeable battery or electricity. The LED lights have a very long lifespan and very low power consumption.

LED Lighting for Parasols | K-Design


For ParaKing

For more atmosphere in the late evening! This light creates a warm ambience under the parasol. The evenings get longer, the umbrellas are still visible and attract further guests. The lighting is firmly integrated in the umbrella, so there's no assembly work whatsoever when closing or opening it. If you wish, you can also use a remote control to switch on the lights.

Parasol Lighting | K-Design

Infrared Parasol Heater

For hanging into all types of umbrellas | As a fixed instalment in the ParaKing

You can purchase the cosy and warming electric parasol heater with 1.4 or 2.0kW. Depending on the tariff, a heater that features an output of 1.5kW only costs between 35 and 45 euro cents per hour. To get it going, simply plug it into the 230 volt mains. For the ParaKing, up to 4 remote-controlled infrared heaters can be integrated in the parasol. And with this remote control, you can – if desired – switch on each heating element individually, so as to have absolute control of the power consumption.

Infrared Radiant Heater for Parasols | K-Design

Infrared Radiant Heater Ring

For ParaLux, ParaFix, PyraSol

You can buy the warming Titan heating ring with one or two 1.4kW infrared parasol heaters. To get it going, simply plug it into the 230 volt mains.

Infrared Radiant Heater Ring for Parasols | K-Design


For ParaKing

Mood sounds for any occasion in the standard or exclusive version. Two loudspeakers are firmly mounted in the umbrella and stay in the inside even when the umbrella is closed. You provide the supply cable and we do the rest.

Loudspeakers for Parasols | K-Design

Rain Channel

For ParaFix, PyraSol, PyraMax, ParaQueen, ParaKing

Easily convertible! With just three to four clicks per parasol, it converts from a sunshade into an umbrella, so that your guests can enjoy the outdoors – and your service, of course – even when the weather’s bad. The rain channels are made of the same parasol fabric in the same colour and blend in perfectly with the overall appearance. By linking two or more umbrellas, you can fit out your terrace completely with furniture and fill it with guests.

Rain Channel for Parasols | K-Design

Closing Strap for Parasols

For all types of umbrellas

To protect your parasol against local and weather conditions, you should put this strap around it once it’s closed (the strap is already included in the delivery). The ParaKing needs two belts put around it, so that the canopy doesn’t get a chance to flap when it’s windy. Please make sure the canopy is folded carefully and correctly.

Closing Strap for Parasols | K-Design

Winter Cover

For all types of umbrellas

This cover protects the components of your parasol perfectly, so you can leave them outside in the winter. The winter covers are made of the same fabric as our parasols and can, therefore, be obtained in the same colour. Alternatively, we offer coloured PVC covers with a zip for storage of all the parasols during the winter months. In order to prevent mould stains, please make absolutely sure that the canopy is dry before putting on the winter cover.

Winter Covers for Parasols | K-Design

Lockable Easy-Swing-Lever

For ParaLux, ParaFix, ParaQueen, PyraSol, PyraMax

The lockable Easy-Swing-Lever (toggle lever) for easy control of the opening and closing of your parasol.

Easy-Swing-Lever (Toggle Lever) for Parasols | K-Design

Base Encased in Concrete

For Classic, ParaFix, PyraSol, ParaLux

Every parasol is also available with a two-piece base that can be encased in concrete for permanent installation. It saves space and allows the upper part to be removed by just loosening four screws which are all level so there are no tripping hazards.

Base dimensions: 30 x 30 x 80cm (width x height x depth).

Concrete-Encased Base for Parasols | K-Design

Base Encased in Concrete with Folding Joint

For PyraMax, ParaQueen, ParaKing

By loosening just four screws, you can remove the upper part of the base encased in concrete and there are no tripping hazards when you store the umbrella away for the winter for instance.

Base dimensions: 100 x 100 x 80 cm (width x height x depth).

Concrete-Encased Base with Folding Joint for Parasols | K-Design

One-Layer Slab Base

For ParaFix, PyraSol, ParaLux

With a slab base, the parasols are portable and can be put up anywhere. Concrete slabs in the notches of the base give a firm hold and the metal base is canted, so there are no dangerous edges that staff and customers can run into. The dimension of the slab base is 970 x 50mm and the type depends on the size of your parasol.

One-Layer Slab Base for Parasols | K-Design

Two-Layer Slab Base

For ParaLux, ParaFix, ParaQueen, PyraSol, PyraMax

A base slab makes the parasols portable, so they can be put up anywhere. Concrete slabs in the notches of the base give it a firm hold. The type of slab base depends on the size of your parasol.

Zweilagiger Plattenständer für Großschirme | K-Design

Steel Base with Stainless Steel Cover

For Classic, ParaFix, PyraSol, ParaLux, ParaQueen, PyraMax, ParaKing

This stainless steel base stands out and looks great in shiny, polished steel. Unlike standard bases, the stainless steel cover of this one is kept very flat and has a very nice appearance. Depending on the parasol model, the base is available with a weight of 50kg, 100kg or 360kg. Besides, there are studs underneath the base, so that the flooring material of your terrace doesn’t suffer.

Steel Base - Stainless Steel Cover - Parasols | K-Design

LiRo Parasol Base

For Großschirme bis 4 m

These versatile LiRo models are the ideal companions for the sunny side of life. LiRo Maxi, LiRo Misi 60 S, LiRo Midi Plus 100 K and LiRo Midi 100 S are particularly stable and suitable for parasols with a larger diameter. Despite their greater total weight, it’s child’s play to change the position with these LiRo models.

Base for Parasols | K-Design

Electrical Installation Duct

For ParaKing

The duct is for the electrical installation of the IR electric heater, and the delivery includes the winter cover plate, the upper part of the base encased in concrete (80mm) and folding joint (200mm). Both the duct and winter cover plate are made of hot-dip galvanised steel, which is rust-free and the ideal solution for storing the underground electric cables during the winter months as well as a good way of concealing them. The lower cover cap serves to feed the empty conduit for the cable installation. The size of this installation duct is 220 x 220 x 500mm.

Electrical Installation Duct for Parasols | K-Design