The Headdemock is designed for outdoor use, 150 kg is the max! For a long term use we don’t recommend you to leave your products outside for a longer period. Use you Fatboy® products the same way as a garden cushion. This way the products will be at its best when you take him out.

You haven’t felt truly relaxed until you’ve hung out with me. My smooth fabric and sturdy support frame guarantees that nothing besides a bird with a bad stomach will disturb us. Take one swing on me and you’ll feel like you’re sipping a coconut on a sunny beach in Hawaii listening to the ukulele.

Size: ca. 330 x 100 x 110 cm;

weight: 24.5 kg; max. for up to: 150 kg

Material: 100 % Polyester

Frame: Metall

Delivery: 1 Fatboy Hammock + metal frame and carrying bag